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We believe in converting products into solutions that answer specific questions and solve problems for your business.

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Our Exceptional Business Solutions

Two words characterize our solutions; bespoke and turnkey. Not all businesses have the same need, so we do not define a "Perfect Product" and try to change your model to fit what we offer, instead, we observe your model and offer what fits. Weather you need just the tools, the tools and the people to apply them, or just the tools and the training to do it yourself, the resulting solution will be turnkey, by your definition, in that it will answer the specific questions that YOU are asking.

We like to think of ourselves as the make your own pizza version of advisory businesses, with tools for ingredients and solutions for pizza. So, mix and match the ingredients, bake it yourself, have us baking it for you, but the result, a pizza you’ll love and enjoy. The equation is simple; tools + people + support + price = solutions. Our team members may specialize in particular tools, but as a team we specialize in giving you value.

Our Exceptional Solutions new-business-insights

New Business Insights

All the tools you need to get your business off the ground and communicate with your stakeholders, together with insights on feasibility, competitiveness and viability

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Our Exceptional Solutions alytics&data-insights

Analytics & Data Insights

We apply tools to your big data for predictive and/ or prescription analytics; basically, your data tells you what’s ahead or what’s been happening, for informed decisions

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Our Exceptional Solutions finance-reporting&tax

Finance, Reporting & Tax

Account for and manage your resources for sustainability and growth while ensuring compliance with your relevant tax framework. Generate reports that drive action.

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Our Exceptional Solutions online-strategy&webdev

Online Strategy & WebDev

We help you take advantage of the online opportunity by helping you deliver the right content, to the right audiences, on the right platforms for high customer engagement

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Our Exceptional Solutions business-planning&documents

Business Planning & Documents

Create a detailed roadmap for your business and the technical documents to communicate it to the right stakeholders. Systematically manage your growth while keeping everyone onboard the process

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Our Exceptional Solutions research&testing

Research & Testing

Take the guesswork out of your decision making by conducting research and testing out concepts before applying them. Incorporate the voice of the right stakeholder into decision making.

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Let Mut-Con help you with your business tools

Overwhelmed does not begin to describe the feeling you will get when you start looking at the sheer number of enterprise tools that you could apply to various parts of your business, and that’s just looking at traditional needs, before the modern day demands of big data to analytics. From CRM to ERP to Marketing Automation to Email Marketing, to BI, to Analytics to Telematics, to everything in-between it’s enough to lose your mind. The graphic to the right shows an ecosystem of analytics tools, and it’s missing a LOT of them. Over and above choosing an affordable, reliable option, you must plan ahead as to how your ecosystem will blend together for an enterprise wide solution that you will be able to scale with your needs while your deployment should be optimal to your goals and strengths.

Fortunately, we are here to help, at times with help from our partners who are more specialized in other fields than we are. We assist you determine what you want to achieve with each resource you are considering and help you determine the best option, across your business departments. A few of the ways we can assist you includes;

  • Understand your needs in a tool fully
  • Understand your ecosystem of tools and how they work together
  • Evaluate available options
  • Deploy your tool optimally to achieve your goals
  • Help your organization understand tools to get the most out of them

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools