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Our consultancy and advisory prices are based on solutions designed for you, so get in touch to find out what prices apply to you.

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Mut-Con Pricing

Because our principles are scale and adaptability, we cannot predetermine one universal price for all our clients, it would betray the model. But however we can help you, we guarantee you that it will be at the best price, it’s part of our value proposition. We price solutions, not tools, and because we like to experiment with freebies, we translate this value to you by charging you only for the insights gleaned. Where a need arises however for a tool to be charged, you are still a winner because we bring affordable prices for the best tools on the market, either by developing our own or partnering with the best developers.

Featured Packages

Remember our packages can be scaled, so let us know your needs and we might be able to bring the price down for you

Start Your Business
from - R7 999.99

The complete starter-pack to get your business off the ground complete with tools to communicate with clients and investors

  • Business Registration
  • Business Plan
  • Company Profile
  • Single Page Website
  • Company Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Full Month Consultation

Start Your Web Analytics
from - R4 999.99/mo

The complete starter-pack to get you measuring and improving how your app, website and online efforts affect your business

  • Identify Goals to Track
  • Identify KPIs to Track
  • Identify Tool to Apply
  • Implementation & Configuration
  • Get Reports & Dashboards
  • Get Insights & Recommendations
  • Measure & Understand Multi-Platform Influence
  • Revise and Adapt Goals

Take Your Business Online
from - R2 999.99

The complete starter-pack to get your business in front of the right audience, on the right platforms, delivering content that converts

  • Local and Search Directories
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Blog
  • Online Communities
  • Paid Advertising
  • Online Theme & Content

Featured Product Price

Remember our products can be scaled, so let us know your needs and we might be able to bring the price down for you

Single Site SEO Campaign
from - R1 999.99

Approach Search Engine Optimization from the right direction, by optimizing your site for clients first then bots second. What good will it do your business to gain the rankings while losing the clients. Translate your vision for your customer engagement strategy into your SEO campaign and win on both fronts. Build a brand and take control of its visibility.

  • Multi-Engine Optimization
  • Comprehensive Kew-Word Research
  • Client-centric Content Strategy
  • Site Structure Audit & Optimization
  • Back-link Strategy
  • Integrated SEO and Social Strategy
  • Sitemap and Robots.txt Files

Website Optimization
from - R1 499.99

Improve the interaction of your clients with your website by bringing them onboard in a continuous development process. Use experiments to see which elements of your design and content are driving your clients to convert and determine the weak links in the chain. Optimize your site for multiple devices and platforms for improved speed and user experience.

  • UX Design Audit & Optimization
  • Site Speed Audit & Optimization
  • Cross Device Audit & Optimization
  • Define & Implement Call-to-Actions
  • Improve User Flow
  • Content Testing
  • Improve Aesthetic Appeal

Bus-Plan & Company Profile
from - 5 000.00

Get a business plan and company profile that communicate your vision to your stakeholders while giving you a financial, operational and marketing policy guide as you run and grow your business. Get insights on free tools to keep your costs down and use analytics to determine your competition, market and related product opportunity

  • Business Background
  • Feasibility & Viability Study
  • Capital Needs Assessment
  • Financials & Projections
  • Competition Analysis & Strategy
  • Management and Personnel Needs
  • Aesthetic Cover Design

Featured Products

Have a quick glance at some products we provide and pop over to our product gallery for more details and more products


Outsourced Accounting from R2 999.99/mo

Professional accounting services at the fraction of the price, scalable to grow with your business. Get the insights from a proper financial management system while you concentrate on what you love the most satisfying your customer. Enjoy full control of your resources with integrated reporting, analysis and financial planning.

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Web Development from R1 999.99

Your website is increasingly the preferred way your customers engage with you, and with good reason, the internet is the fastest growing medium of information transfer with no signs of slowing down. Our solutions are affordable and scalable to get you started with your home on prime real estate, with emphasis on usability.

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Tax Computations from R500/a

We offer a variety of tax services including registrations, calculations and submissions. Also find out about our consultation services for tax planning and strategy as well as appeals and audits. Services available for individuals and all business forms including sole-traders, partnerships, private companies and public companies.

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